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I have 20 years of experience across Technology software, IT Services and Airline industries as well as entrepreneurial ventures. 


I have worked at these companies: Wipro, Oracle, Happiest Minds, IBS Software, Air India. Key roles I played - Large Offering/Services practice founder, Product manager, Consultant, Presales architect.

Purpose behind Smart GTM:

As the economy stagnates and fresh funds are hard to come by, most companies have a remit to streamline sales and marketing to maximize yield from every dollar put in. This is achievable primarily through the use of sophisticated Sales and Market Intelligence, tailored to your specific needs.


This is the reason I created Smart GTM - it addresses each key aspect of strategy and decision making for Sales and Marketing in the Technology industry. It can play a vital role in helping you unlock true potential and transform your revenue to the extent possible. 

I would love to interact with you. Please drop me a line. Let's talk. or meet me online.

Kapil Garg

Founder & Principal Consultant

Smart GTM

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