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Market Intelligence specialized for B2B SaaS companies

Relevant Decision Assistance in Areas that matter

The Market Intelligence offering provides structured inputs to help you make informed, data-backed decisions with respect to marketing as well as business strategy.

News & Developments

Be aware of latest news and developments on your competitors

Online Presence

Competitor benchmarks for Website, Mobile, Email and Social

Market Segments

Know Focus segments for competitors

Identify high-growth segments

Sizing Market Intent

Assess level of proactive market demand for themes and technologies

Partner Intelligence

Evaluate potential partners for best market segment fit

People Strategy

Get intimate with the Structure and Dynamics of competitor organizations

Regional Markets Strategy

Understand the elements of Regional markets strategy of competitors

Customer Reviews

Sentiment analysis among users of competing products

The Ecosystem

Conferences, Media, Investor & Analyst Connects

Investor Research

Latest info on relevant investors and funding trends

Are you Ready to Enrich your
Business, Marketing & People strategy?

Better information enables Better decisions,

Better business plans & helps you craft a

Winnable strategy.

I have a work experience of 20 years across Product and Solutions management, Presales and Entrepreneurship.

I have personally made 15+ business plans for various products and solutions - either as head of the product or as a consultant.

I have often been astounded that most business plans get made without adequate knowledge of market segments and competition.

That was my driving intent behind creation of Smart BPlan - to enable SaaS founders make critical business decisions with the aid of real world market information.

Kapil Garg


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