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Optimized Business Plan
The SAAS Company is creating its Business Plan
saas bplan.png

It consists of all elements neccessary to achieve clear understanding of Business strategy for all key stakeholders:

  • Keynote

  • Problem Statement

  • The Solution

  • Opportunity Assessment

  • Competitor Landscape

  • Core Team

  • Strategy - Marketing

  • Strategy - Sales

  • Roadmaps and Milestones

  • Resource Plan

  • Financials

  • Investment Plan

The SAAS Company's founders are experts in their domain, and possess a unique understanding of industry paradigms, the lacunae and the opportunities. They understand what kind of product the market would accept. They also have a good understanding of how much time, what kind of, and how many resources it would take to come out with a tangible and credible product.

However! There is one area founders seriously lack - Relevant Market information & Competitor information.

Beyond Product Development, the founders need to grapple with a plethora of decisions with respect to:

Market segments:

  • Which are the top market segments (in terms of size) ?

  • Which market segments are trending in terms of product category adoption ?


  • Which product companies could be best aligned with your own company's market plan ?


Media coverage:

  • How to get featured in articles by leading journalists ?


Competitior Intelligence - Market info:

  • Which segments of the market are each of your competitors strong at ?

  • Which partnerships of the competitors could be truly successful ?

  • What sentiments do users have about competitor products

Competitor Intelligence: Company info:​

How are your competitor companies organized in terms of:

  • Location and offshoring model

  • Work experience and Function mix

  • Hierarchy

  • Growth and churn


Investor research:

  • Which are the top investors and even recent investors in your product category

  • What have been the typical funding trends and recent funding trends in your category.

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