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Market Intel
Select the Market Segments

Define your target market segments:

  • Identify the countries and regions with highest adoption

  • Identify the countries and regions currently trending

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Select the Industries

Define your target Industries:

  • Identify the industries with highest adoption

  • Identify the industries currently trending

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Competitive Intel

  • Brand strength

  • User sentiment

  • NPS score

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Relative strengths / weaknesses among products

  • Patents in relevant subject area

  • User Interest level for specific product themes

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We get from Market Intelligence:

- Market segments - Geographies & Industries (and even company size segments) that hold the greatest promise

We get from Competitive Intelligence:

- Market segments each competitor is strong at

- Strengths and weaknesses of each competitor

From Market Intel + Competitive Intel, we derive:
  • Market segments to target, and those to avoid
  • In which market segments there is potential to displace competition
  • Strengths and weaknesses to factor in while preparing Sales battlecards
  • Feature sets with high mentions - potential inputs for product roadmap
Mid-market Sales Intel

Key factors that matter in Sales Account Planning


ICP target segments

Company Persona/Business model

Tech landscape

Size & Growth of Target department


+ Funding

Additonal factors that hold relevance

brand equity.png

Brand Equity

digital marketing.png

Digital Marketing persona

Intent signals


Research IP

Large & Enterprise Account Intel

Additional info to help you navigate enterprise matrices and distributed buyers and influencers

  • Geographic Intel

  • Hierarchical Intel

  • Org Relationships Intel

  • Financials for public companies

  • Signs of company in growth phase

  • Intent data – stage in funnel

  • ESG

  • Competitor local presence

  • Partner local presence

coprorate hierarchy.png

Here are the Smart GTM consulting solutions we have put together to solve GTM problems and optimize decision making for your Sales and Marketing organization. 

Each consulting solution is designed to optimize key information and decision needs in respective areas. When used together in a unified way, they will have added impact.

Use Market Intel + Competitive Intel to fine tune:
- Market segments to target
- Competitive segments - which ones to displace, which ones to avoid

Feed these outcomes as the basis of the Account Planning exercise

Mine, then slice & dice accounts across multiple meaningful criteria to get the right set of accounts. Obtain even more specific inputs for enterprise accounts

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