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Smart GTM is your one stop for data-driven GTM decisions

  • Market segments
  • Competitive plan
  • Partners
  • Prospect Accounts
  • Enterprise Accounts
  • Pricing models                     
  • Investors
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The key constituents of Smart GTM:

  • Identify Market segments that have the highest adoption of the product category

  • Identify Market segments that are trending in adopting the product category

  • Identify Market segments with the highest end user base

sequence of solutions.png

The Stepflow for a Smart GTM:

Smart GTM lays the foundation for Optimum Messaging at each GTM decision layer:

optimum messaging.png

A simplistic Benefits Quantification model:

benefits quantification.png
Sales Intel can yield a 33% revenue increase;
Plus Market,Competitor & Partner Intel can yield a 46% revenue increase.

* Assumptions made:

- Sales Intel delivers a 10% increase in conversion at each stage

- Market / Competitor / Partner Intel deliver an additional increase of 5% conversion at the Meetings booked stage

Our mission is to help technology companies earn more.
Using the same resources and within the same timeframe.

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