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Elevate your product roadmap: Make informed roadmap decisions knowing the latest market demand trends and competitor R&D

Product direction is one of the most important aspects of Product management and strategy. It can play an outsized role in market success and acceptance of your product.

We can assist your Product management team in making vital decisions with regard to Product roadmap by providing the following key inputs:

1. Identify latest product demand trends:

Its vital for the product management team to keep abreast of latest trends in user expectations.

In other words, its important to identify the changes in expectations in product offering between say, a year ago and today.

2. Feature themes with higher demand:

We identify features that are often being asked for more by users of your product category. 

We also assess the level of proactive research being done online for certain product categories and feature themes and provide a comparative analysis on the same.

3. Research and IP by peers and competition:

We identify what key research is being done by your peers, competition and leading companies in relevant areas. We identify relevant patents filed in the recent past by these companies.

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