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"Move not unless you see an advantage. Use your troops not unless there is something to be gained. Fight not unless the position is critical."

- Sun Tzu, strategist and author of 'The Art of War'.

Account Shortlisting & Prioritization:

Smart GTM has designed a specialized method to shortlist and prioritize accounts:

account scoring.png

Apart from Ideal Client Profile (ICP), we evaluate accounts based on these multiple dimensions:

  • Level of Fit

  • Recent Signals

  • Strategic Importance

  • Window of Influence

Each of these dimensions is in turn related to multiple variables that fall across disparate subject areas - these are described below:

Subject Areas:

Smart GTM collects data from multiple source systems to gather together data for relevant subject areas. These subject areas, each of which comprises one or more distinct variables are shown below.

What companies belong to our target segments

What type of business model has the company adopted


ICP target segments

Business model

Does the company's technology landscape match our preferences

Tech landscape

Do they have a sizable or growing target department

Size & Growth of

target department

Do the company's financials look ok?

Is it well funded/recently funded?


+ Funding

What companies hold strategic brand relevance

Digital marketing persona

brand equity.png

Brand Equity

digital marketing.png

Digital Marketing

Which companies are showing an interest spike in your offering area

Intent signals

Influence on leadership and leadership changes

influence-removebg-preview (1).png

Influence factor

For best results, use Accounts Intelli-score in conjunction with Marketer 360:


Optimize Sales outreach across channels:

Inputs based on our Sales Intel can be imported into and activated across marketing tools, platforms and channels quite easily.

interfaces to account intel.png

Using a scientific, data based approach to Account Planning, you can minimize wastage of sales effort, time and budget.

Pertinent data indicators on accounts can help create rich, contextual campaigns across any channel.

This can lead to higher number of qualified leads & opportunities, better conversion rates with a high revenue with an overall customer acquisition cost (CAC).

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