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Dear Business leader

As the economy stagnates and fresh funds are hard to come by, most companies have a remit to streamline sales and marketing to maximize yield from every dollar put in. This is achievable primarily through the use of sophisticated market data, tailored to your specific needs.


This is the reason I created Smart GTM - it addresses each key aspect of strategy and decision making for Sales and Marketing in the Technology industry. It can play a vital role in helping you unlock your organization's true potential and transform your revenue to the extent possible. 

Primarily, we can help you with the following:

1. Marketer 360 - Market: Identify the best market segments
2. Marketer 360 - Compete: Data and insights to design or fuel your competitive strategy

3. Roadmap Recos - User and competitor insights to fuel your product roadmap

4. Org Intelligence - Enables design of an information benchmarks-backed People strategy
5. Accounts Intelli-score: Evaluation of prospect accounts based on a wide range of relevant parameters
6. Enterprise Pipeline Architecture: A meticulous approach to target or expand enterprise accounts

7. Partner Alignment: Evaluate potential partners based on market synergies

8. Pricing Alchemy: A methodical approach to identify and evolve pricing models

I would love to interact with you and understand where I can assist you.

Please drop me a line. Let's talk!

Kapil Garg

Founder - Smart GTM

Our Data Sources:

Smart GTM makes use of reputable data sources. The primary data types we make use of are:

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Why Smart GTM?

1. Purpose built

Traditional intelligence tools dump data on you, leaving the analysis and strategy to you. Building your own data team is expensive and time-consuming. We bridge the gap between data and decision. Our purpose-built advisory solutions translate your unique business challenges into actionable revenue strategies.


2. Connected
The core aspects of Marketing, Sales and Partnerships are intertwined. Only when they are can you truly achieve best results. and Smart GTM helps here.


3. Complete

Smart GTM provides you strategic decision support in all key areas for your Go To Market.

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