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Business Model & Company Persona

A lot of technology decisions of a company is influenced by its business priorities and key objectives across departments and functions.  


In effect, a lot of technology decisions are driven by the business models and personas the company has - overall and at a department level.

company persona.png
Geographic Intel

We map out in-country and global locations of relevant people

such as:

–Functional heads and specialists

–Relevant senior executives

–IT sme’s and leaders

Next, we map location of your sales people (and SMEs,

consultants etc) to client’s relevant locations and roles

geographic intel.png
Org Relationships Intel

Many large enterprises have an org structure that resembles a complex web - several subsidiaries and acquisitions.

- We need to know key decision makers, users, influencers are present across which orgs

- In case of acquired companies, we need to understand if decision makers are still present within the acquired org.

coprorate hierarchy.png
Technology Landscape - for Enterprises

What technology products are being currently used in relevant categories; install dates where available

üNew technology priority areas for investment

new technology areas.png
Key Financials - for Enterprises

Key Financial ratios that reflect on different aspects of a company’s financial performance. These are relevant as your software or service could have noticeable impact on these numbers.


Hence, it could make sense to prioritize companies who’s needs align with technology and services you provide.

  • Net Profit margin (or Loss)

  • P/B ratio – high or low

  • Quick ratio – high or low

key financials for enterprises.png
Signs of company in growth phase

We look at clear signs of a company being on the growth path:

Distinct employee count growth in these core business areas:

–Product development



company in growth.png
Intent data - for Enterprises

Intent keywords often reveal the stage in funnel. I can potentially help in appropriate level of messaging to a target account. 

Beyond Research Intent, the client is fairly knowledgeable and interested in an area if they trialed a related software during the recent past.

intent funnel_.png

You may want to give extra points to companies with good ratings in ESG. Such companies follow corporate ethics and end up being more successful financially and as reputed brands over the longer term.

Where available, we take into account ESG ratings for enterprise class companies:

  • Environment score

  • Social score

  • Governance score

Competitor Local Presence

For enterprise clients that do have local presence of a competitor too in the vicinity, it could potentially serve a stronger competitive layer during GTM (its best to consider the stronger competitors for this).


Minus points for enterprise clients where this is true.

competitor local presence.png
Partner Local Presence

For enterprise clients that do have local presence of a partner company too in vicinity, it could potentially serve a stronger GTM


Extra points for enterprise clients where this condition gets satisfied

partner local presence.png
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